Ted Vasin
Circles: An Interview With Ted Vasin

by Kendrick Daye
Art Nouveau
September 2009

Moscow native, Ted Vasin, began painting at an early age, influenced by the Russian icons collected by his father who also was a painter. After studying at the Moscow Art College, Vasin relocated to America, and continued his bright and vibrant paintings. Check out this interview with the artist below.

Describe your work to someone who has never seen it.

The World of Ted Vasin.

Tell me about your background in the arts. When did you know you were an artist?

When I discovered a pencil I knew I can change the world with it, so I stared to color books in my parent’s library. When my parents found out they sent me to art school. I liked the vibe and continued to college... studied drawing, painting, sculpture and art history.

What theme if any does your work explore?

I can show it. Perception.

Who are your creative influences?

I follow no one in particular. Current maybe. Call it a madman’s dream.

What's your process of creating a piece? How do you know when you're done?

It's like: I’m staying in. Fuck off, artistically speaking. I build and/or destroy things that please me, like a puzzle, a Lego. I am never fucking done.

What's on your Music Playlist lately? Does music influence your work?

My playlist is on fast forward… bored with grand streams... It‘s unclear at this point whether music influences my work or my work influences music. They are together for sure.

If you couldn't create art, what would you be doing right now?

I would be dreaming of creating art.

Tell me about your studio recordings.

Basically jamming different electronic instruments and layering it up beyond comprehension. I never know what I come upon… fucking dynamite.

In many of your pieces you're covering parts of the subject with a vibrant color and shapes, why?

It is like beautifying a mummy, giving it meaning... Evocation of life in a seemingly dead environment or person. I am alive in my creation.

Most artists are introverts. Would you say you were quiet growing up? How does that play into your work?

Introvert who cannot shut up. Like TV.

What's your favorite color to incorporate in your work?


What's next for you?


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