Ted Vasin
Ted Vasin
Isuue 8, pages 22-25

Artflow Magazine
August 2011

Who is Ted Vasin? Can you please describe yourself?

OK. Imagine an opening, a crack, a hole. Inventions and insights come through that hole. I'm right there, collecting, sorting out, passing on.

How was your background growing up?


How was it like studying in Art School?

It was really smashing. I am still recovering.

Can you share your experiences at your various solo and group exhibitions?

Accelerating. I like to make noise with electronics during my exhibition openings because I cannot stand general public ignorant questions.

How would you describe your style?


How are you coping with such new idea?

I flow with it.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

"Now this is a picture to wake up to. Goodness...I may have to spike my morning java just to get the image out of my brain!" - Comment on Facebook by Ellen F. H., May 25, 2010 at 4:30am.

'Icons' is one of your recent works, what was the inspiration behind it?

It's about me, me, me and what I really think.

How is your working relationship with 101/exhibit?


What is your favourite Colour and how best have you being able to use it?

I like colour one can almost see through. Colour of the present future and I am bad with it.

How has the Media assisted in showcasing for your works?

My work has been flushed through main pipe and here I come again.

If you are now painting, what else would you be doing? What do you do in the spare time?

In the spare time when I'm not painting, I give interviews to artzines and blogs.